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With over 10 years design experience, Tim had always wanted to venture into the world of clothing, so based in Brisbane in 2012 that’s exactly what he did! Jodie has always been passionate about clothing, and so as the brand has developed she has become more and more involved. In 2013 we relocated our home and office to Sydney and are now more passionate than ever about bringing great products to you, shipping them all over Australia and the World! Louder Clothing is for men, women and kids, and is all about clothing that is fashionable, fits well and feels good, can be dressed up or dressed down, and there’s generally a story attached to every design…some are just for fun, such as our ‘Thunder trumps paper, scissors, rock’ and some have a little more meaning behind them, such as our ‘Awake’ tee because we want to send a message about being awake to what is happening in our world.

Featuring online, in Sydney markets such as Bondi and Kirribilli, and at various events around Australia, we love seeing people’s excitement about the way our garments feel and seeing them chuckle at designs such as ‘keep playing or grow old’! We have recently worked with a few organisations to create their very own custom designed garments, and we would certainly love to chat to you if you are interested in something similar!

The dream for Louder Clothing continues to develop, we look forward to the unfolding story, and hope that you will be part of it!