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Hope Empowered runs a program in primary schools called the Academy for Young Entrepreneurs (AYE). AYE is about educating kids to lead the fight against poverty.

AYE enables 10 to 12 year olds to dream, invent and change their world by creating micro businesses that support children in developing nations to go to school.

Through the support of trainers and mentors, students learn how to take an idea and turn it into a successful micro-business. Ideas are conceived by the participants, filtered, tested for viability, and simple business plans are then developed and pitched to a ‘business panel’. Students then market and operate their micro-businesses with the nett profits supporting children in developing nations to attend school.

Good education is critical to breaking the poverty cycle. AYE is making a positive difference and we want to help them.

What we might think is a small amount of money, goes far with AYE, both for the young entrepreneurs themselves and also for the developing countries they support.

$200 for AYE
– would provide the start-up costs for 6 micro-businesses which would raise significantly more in profit. Based on the average nett profit margin $200 would become $500.

So the benefit of investing in AYE is that the young entrepreneurs multiply it…
Plus there’s the investment in their own development. Literacy levels in Australia are poor and getting worse. In Australia, almost 20,000 (1 in 15) year 5 students do not meet the basic benchmark for literacy and numeracy. For Indigenous students this is significantly higher and closer to 1 in 4.

$200 in Vietnam:
– is equivalent to 6 months wage of the average household
– would buy a wheelchair for a child (there is a high incidence of children born with a disability in Vietnam)
– would restore sight to a child
– would purchase 2 pigs for the livestock pay-it-forward program
– would sponsor a child for 5 months